Just a roll of the dice

Just a roll of the dice

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Liner Notes: 

Helen: Val sent me this supercool blues track. It's got a hell of a lot of swagger, so I tried to match that with my lyrics and vocals


You've got my full attention
When you're speaking that way
No need for any pretension
I like what you say

And I think that you know
You can play your game

It's just a role we're playing
Just a roll of the dice

My mind goes somewhere else
When I think of the way you move
Some might say I objectify
But I think you would approve

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These work perfectly together! Swagger and wonderful song and collab!

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That is a really wonderful hot blues groove and the lyrics and vocals fit it perfectly.

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Oh, that's cool as hell, right from the start. The bass line is cool and the vocal coming in sets the perfect tone. Helen, you shine in this setting, that's a good vocal. And a good lyric. My only complaint is it ends right when I thought a smoldering guitar solo would come in before hitting the chorus one more time. I like this very much.