So Far from Home

So Far from Home

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Liner Notes: 

The first verse woke me up one morning...then I had to write a story...and it was time for some drums, so voila! I have one more I'm saving for my goodbye on Monday.


So Far from Home
Susan Cantey © 2019

She looks in the mirror, runs a brush through her hair
The woman staring back is wearing her face
She misses the ocean breeze so far away
Hates the heat and humidity that’s taken its place

She’s so far from home
So far from home
Why did she go?
So far from home…

Slathered in sunscreen, camouflaged by her hat
She survives another day of hard labor intact
At night the pain subsides if she lies flat on her back
Listening to the blades on her fan go clickety clack


The promise she bought was a lie
She’s trapped in the desert now, and here she’ll die

She’s dreaming of rain, feels a tug on her sleeve
When a very low voice says, “We’ve got to leave.”
They slip by the tents of the enemy
Head into the desert, hoping to get free


Why did she go?
So far from home…

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Good song, well done demo. I remember when I was growing up and Mom, who was "liberated" saying, -- "man, they may well regret all they get, what they ask for, -- if they do." And so, here we are, 2019 in far better shape than we've ever been as a Nation, one for all and all for one and oh so equal and normalised! Wink Well, what this made my mind go to, -- sign of a very effective song, aye!

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I love the storytelling on this! Made such a good song too

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Late to this.. but I like it lots. I had to get used to that very likable drum beat.. halfway I was.. and I loved that bass coming in.. .Great guitar lick halfway.. The sentiment is evident in lyrics and vocally as well. Winner!