Liner Notes: 

Another set of lyrics that I scribbled down earlier, prompted by a recent interview on CNN, of all places.


I'll come back to these and add music later...


"All the news that's fit to print"
How do the mighty fall
These days it seems the news within
Is never news at all

It's easily full decades since
They had their finest hour
And all that I can do is wince
At who they helped to power

They steered the conversation
on what Comey told them to
"Her emails" pushed a nation
to our present ballyhoo

But now I hear the NYT
Ain't having a good year
Subscriptions dropping rapidly?
All I can do is cheer.

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That's a good one. Yes, recently I looked up the word "News" and shocked to see it's definition (they love to acclaim their selves as superior in all ways possible)... -- "new information". And I thought, wow, I get new information everyday and none of it news. I think someone needs to lobby for an appended explanation in the list, "vetted facts", "data", void of opinion or commentary or supposition or LSD and etc. Smile

As "experts" explain the facts to me, like to whom some are connected to, -- it just makes all this worse.

I need to look up "politician" -- probably say something like "professionally inflammatory-ist's", molotov cocktail thrower Wink and etc. disney land fantasy "facts" of what it takes to be one today.