Red Leaves On Trees

Red Leaves On Trees



Liner Notes: 

I had a long drive to Dundee on Tuesday, when Jarre, then Tangerine Dream played randomly 4 albums one after the other from my usb of about 50 albums.

It's a sign I thought. I must make some more over long electronic music pieces.

This is five sections of electronic stuff. It was overlong by about 4 minutes, so I merged 2 sections together laterally and tried to make a repeat section from the nice sounding piece. I got it down to about 5 minutes, but it is still long and needs much work and a couple of the sections need pruned as they may be quite hard to listen too.

Still it's done now, the itch is scratched.


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Music by M M Scullion ©2019

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Electronic beauty! I love how this all came together!