French Fry Round

French Fry Round

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Liner Notes: 

This is another round that my students helped me write. They wanted one that was about french fries, in major, 4/4 time, allegro, and that included trumpet, clarinet, and drums. Bonus points because this is actually a true story kind of. Not mine though. I teach elementary school and this is a very middle school thing to do.

I'm having major problems with internet access on my home computer, so I hope I can get my last few uploaded before the end of 50/90.


My teacher stopped to ask me why
I've got a french fry up my nose
Made my family all cry
I've got a french fry up my nose
The doctors say that I might die
I've got a french fry up my nose
They smell so good and that is why
I shoved a french fry up my nose

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So funny, lyrically, and a really nicely assembled round. Great work. Biggrin

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ha ha - hope its one of those thin ones! too much fun! where were people like you when i was learning!