Post Dark Horse

Post Dark Horse



Liner Notes: 

No melody or anything. An atmospheric piece that could be looped for a game or used to create a mood in the background of a video. Note: YOu can almost not hear the subsonic note at the beginning. Don't crank it up. There's nothing wrong with your speakers. Smile

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tcelliott's picture

I like that dark and deep texture. This definitely creates a mood and would work for a variety of sync uses. (btw, it sounds good cranked)

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Wow, very different from what I think I expect to hear from Val. Deep, nice sounds, great soundscape. Yes, soundtrack music.

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This is great. Can totally hear it accompanying a space walk scene with people moving slowly in spacesuits and giving each other thumbs up. Nicely done.

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Strong space soundtrack feel - dark, intense, full of anticipation.