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Liner Notes: 

Well, another seagull one. My long time friend and co-music-spirator send me some lyrics some weeks ago. Knowing that mandolin is his and pirate's favourite axe - there you go. I don't really know how those little bits of chinese pentatonics got in there. Recorded in my recently most favourite studio on the balcony. Crickets tonight, seagulls tomorrow!


come seagull come
share in the rum
a bane and a boon
bring me the moon

you need no ladder
I need no bladder
all that I drink
becomes a link

a direct hotline
a secret number
between those who pine
and those who plunder

come seagull come
have some watermelon gun
reel in the fish
squish the quiche

you need no birds
I need no words
all that I say
becomes a play

a direct reference
a secret encounter
between the irreverent
and those who flounder

come seagull come
innocent chum
wicked cavorter
pickle supporter

these are the words
of a bottomless soul
sinking to rise
climbing to fall

when I am blind
I'll need no cane
come seagull come
and pick my brains

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Love the mandolin - great music companion for your wonderfully performed melody. Some quirky irreverent lyrics that I enjoyed - my favorite is the sixth stanza.