Nice country you got there

Nice country you got there

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Liner Notes: 

After the events of the last few days and the release of a certain set of notes (not even an exact transcript, but detailed enough) of a phone call between a certain reality-star turned president and a certain eastern european reality star turned president, this was just begging to be written...



Nice country ya got there
we've done alot for you
not that there's been any reciprocation

you need protection
I could give protection
to your weak little nation

Oh by the way
got a little favor to ask
this ain't gonna hurt

I got some enemies
I know, hard to believe, right?
Could you dig up a little dirt?

I'll send my associates
good people my associates
you know em, Bill and Rudy

You can tell them
where the bodies are buried
just think of it as your civic duty

nice country ya got there....

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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What are you gonna do - if this guys goes! Yes i know , but musically -:) Nothing like a cause to focus the mind. Good one.

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Hey hey some really great blues and current biting sociopolitical lyrics!