Buried in the Churchyard

Buried in the Churchyard

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Liner Notes: 

Another one of Cindy's lyrics and the idea for the bridge was also hers...someone should do a gospel version. I chose a bluesy sound because I had just done a bunch of country & a gospel song and had pretty must exhausted that genre of guitar loops. Hadn't used drums for a while either, so, drums! My drum loops don't have any decent gospel or country ones. Sad


Buried in the Churchyard
© 2019 Cindy Prince & Susan Cantey

She’d almost made it to ninety
When death came for her
She didn't linger long
It’s what she'd have preferred

Many gathered at the church
To pay their last respects
Her life had been one of service
It had a ripple effect

She'll be buried in the churchyard
Beneath the cedar tree
She'll lie beside her husband
And the child that died at three
The choir will sing her favorite hymn
Nearer, my God, to thee

Instrumental of Nearer My God

The morning had been rainy
But as the mourners gathered round
The clouds parted in sunbeams
As they lowered her in the ground

Repeat chorus

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Oops...I downloaded it, but it disappeared. Weird. I did it again. Can You Hear me now? LOL

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this sounds more like an irish funeral march than a blues, but i like it especialy the chorus.

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Finally got back to hear it. Internet was down for hours. I really love this and I think you chose the best way to do this. I love that music from Nearer my God. Thanks

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Gorgeous, ladies. Just gorgeous. Don't tell anyone else, but I think Susan's is my favorite female vocal around here.

So I love what you did with "loops" this season, Susan. I've got a bunch of loops I bought years ago, but have never really used them--I've been using Band In A Box for my backgrounds. I'm going to take another look at my loops and see how I can work them into some of my tracks to "dress things up". You have been inspiring!

Great work!