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Liner Notes: 

Looking back over some notes I had written regarding the collection of short stories by Raymond Carver called What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. I remember the book being assigned to our class during my time at college. I'm going to attempt a few short songs about perceptions of love. As you're reading/listening, I hope what is a little obvious is that this is a married couple. The city sounds are supposed to represent time past. You'll hear the actress say it's been over 6 months. The entire song speaks of time past before they meet up again.

I'm singing rather low on this one because it was recorded early this morning and I didn't want to wake folks up.


After a time of being alone
Thinking about how much she's grown
Dark places 2 wander she's now prone
Don't look back
Don't look back

Taking a chance on a 1 night stand
Risking it all with a willing man
Find the redemption that's out of her hands
Don't look back
Don't look back

Out of the fire and into the fray
Even though she wants 2 stay
She knows there's going 2 B another day
2 look back
Don't look back

Now that she knows and now that she's seen
Everything that she wants 2 B
She takes it all so naturally
Don't look back
Don't look back

He laid there with a tear
"R U okay?"
He said, "you remind me of someone."
"Who's that? I'm...I'm sorry."
"No, no", he said, "It's okay. Do U love what U feel?"
"It feels good, but it might be 6 months talking. But it feels great."
"Then R U willing 2 go...there?"

Together they fell into the bliss
Bound were they to each other's kiss
Time of regret neither 1 would miss
Don't look back
Don't look back

After a time of being alone
Now they both were finally home
Dark places they no longer roamed
Don't look back
Don't look back

2019 The Jelly Factory!

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Hey bud WOW WOW

a very clever write
to go into this kind of break is incredible
the way you put the story / song together
and the voices you used made it seem so real
this is so now but like you say so then
a brilliant write my friend really enjoyed this

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"Don't look back" is a great hook. Love all the sound effects and when the drum comes! Then we have more interesting things and finally the main vocals of the song which rocks!!! This is a freaking movie!! Wonderful. Sooooo original!! Well done!

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yeah. this is so much of what i like the most. a bill withers take on a new power generation groove with a little of that bouncing ball of confusion pushing things around a bit. the relaxed vocal draws me in and the spoken breaks are fresh.

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I read those stories in college too. This song does capture the quiet feeling of dread that I felt underlying most of them. I like the way you meld music with audio theater in some of your recordings, and this one is really well paced.