A journey through a big donut

A journey through a big donut

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Liner Notes: 

The big donut is the MRI scanner I spent time in this afternoon...
This is another of those "switch the mic on and play" improv pieces, presented to you as a "warts and all" experience.

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We have this kinda famous donut place near by and they have a giant "texas sized" donut, as they call it. It's bigger than your head. Really ridiculous. But anyway, that's what I thought of when I read, "A journey through a big donut" Sooooo...that was a pretty irrelevant comment. Smile I thought this was quite pretty. Far more relaxing than spending your time in an MRI. I suppose thinking of something like this would be a very good distraction while spending time in an MRI. It kinda takes your mind on a journey. You could just listen and picture a beautiful scene.

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There should be a genre for this type of music when talented musicians who know how to play say they're just improvising and out comes all these beautiful melodic little gems of music that ordinary musicians would take hours to come up. Really nicely done, some fibs there but the sheer beauty and wonderful vibe is the dominant feature.

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i agree with Klaus - i have heard some top class improvisations and this is another one!