Liner Notes: 

I've been passing the time today standing in front of a black box and waving my arms about. Yes, the Theremin has made an appearance at last.

(For a few minutes earlier I thought it was broken, until I noticed that the guitar volume pedal that it was plugged in to in my effects chain was in the "off" position. Phew!)

"Quondam" is Latin for "what once was" or "former". And yes, the first two chords are borrowed from Erik Satie's "Gymnopédie No.1".

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Classics go Chill! Never have those two distinct chords sounded better. The start is very hypnotic and otherworldly theremin sounding like a choir of alien bees. The middle section is also nice with a slightly progressive feel à la Supertramp adding some variety. There is really wonderful feeling of space like in so many of your demos. Enjoyed and listened twice. Smile

Theremin. Now there's something you don't hear too much of. I think the sort of airy, wind sounding synth is cool. Is that the theremin? I have no idea. It doesn't sound like Star Trek. Smile But the delays and reverbs etc give this a bit of an other worldly vibe. What does Quondam mean? Seems like an interesting title.

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I'm a bit familiar with Erik Satie, cause I once bought an LP with Erik Satie songs by Reinbert de Leeuw, a Dutch pianist and conductor. There were times I listened to it on repeat. It's chilling music and lets the mind wander and I think this too is very relaxing in a more 'modern' way.

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That is so gorgeous!! I was listening to it as I was trying out some lyrics for a new song, letting it guide me to a melody.

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Dammit, Uncle Rick! You do realise, of course, that I will finally have to extract my digit and build a Theremin having listened to this!
Chris, this is all kinds of fabulous. Smile

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With Satie you can never go wrong Lol you also do a kind'o' who thing in the middle - like how the drums stay and propel it into the night. gets me into thinking how Satie could be mixed with Bach Lol Thanks!

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This is very good! a great listen - Great for a tv or movie show - sort of Twin peaks

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You treat the theremin sound in a way that I did not think of a theremin at first. Nice.
I think you're not the first borrowing that chords...