Turtle Round

Turtle Round

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Liner Notes: 

I'm way behind in returning comments right now, but I will catch up, probably shortly after 50/90 is done. I just can't seem to write and listen and comment at the same time right now.

I'm starting to work on writing with my little ones, which means they make basic decisions and I do the writing. Later on, they'll do more of the work. Here's a round I wrote for my 4th graders. They wanted a song about turtles in minor that was presto and included drums, violin and trumpet. I fudged on the tempo a bit, but I couldn't resist playing with the irony of writing a song about turtles that was fast, so there you go.


Turtles on their way.
Turtles heading out to play
Step by step and on they go.
When we watch they are so slow

But when you turn your back that's when turtles attack
They're frightening.
If you try to chase them or beat them in a race
They might win
They may seem slow and pokey but they'll leave you in the smoke, see
They'll break the speed of sound, They really will astound
Like lightning.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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ha! turtles faster then the speed of sound! and quite charming -- love how entertaining this is, such a perfect marriage of words and music! what a great idea, a round of fast turtles!

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next one can be about slow Hares! interesting mix musically could almost be a bit highbrow! lyrically i see the child influence! great learning thing for the 4th graders. and as a song for me!!! well its nice and fun and i love the accordian (sounds like the start of a Decemberist Shanty - then off it goes)

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my daughter is only three years old and loves the song, so i dont think it is too advanced for nine year olds, the tempo change in the second part is really effective i did something similar with the simpler row row your boat, slowing down the forst part to a turtles crawl, then singing the second part too fast to get all the words in. you are doing wonderful work with and for children

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Excellent job introducing your students to songwriting.
This is such a fabulous tune!
Hilarious lyrics, and great vocal delivery - nice round.
That backing track is very nice; the strings really add tension.
Great work here!