Andy Is Shaking Like A Leaf!

Andy Is Shaking Like A Leaf!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, Andy is celebrating Halloween early this year. Thanks, Your friend Jimmy


Andy Is Shaking Like A Leaf

Andy Is Shaking Like A Leaf
Now he has to change his jeans
Andy Is Shaking Like A Leaf
Cos he had a handful of eggs and TP

He was throwing them on the street
He was waisting his food and sleep
He played an underhanded trick on Bobby
As the night was foggy


After five or ten minutes of fighting
Andy had been hiding
Bobby prodded him with a shotgun
He found Andy to be very provoking

Andy's life is litterely ticking away
He will haunt Bobby from the grave
He will leave behind Cindy and his beer
He'll miss you my dear

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I think the bottom line is Andy is shaking like a leaf. Bobby grabbed a shotgun and That's scary. Love the bridge about leaving Cindy behind and the Nice job on this Jimmy.

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Good story to keep in mind since Halloween is approaching. Best to be careful. I'll be sure to have the shotgun loaded.