Who Were You Yesterday

Who Were You Yesterday

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Liner Notes: 

My husbands second wife (I'm number 3) told him one day "This isn't working out. I want a divorce" completely out of the blue - a total surprise to him. He told me he wanted to say to her "Who were you yesterday?' LOL Hence this song. I used the same guitar loops as for "There's Nothing He Can Do." This time I tried to yodel with limited success. The yodel craze preceded the Nashville Sound I referred to in the other post. This song could be sung by male or female, me thinks.


Who Were You Yesterday?
Susan Cantey © 2019

Who were you yesterday?
Who were you yesterday?
I’d really like to know
Who were you yesterday?
Who were you yesterday
When you said you loved me so?

Remember when we wished upon all of the stars
And held hands in the dark?
When we rolled in the hay and oo la la’d
There were lots of sparks.


Today you told me it’s not working out
No explanation, just heartache and doubt
No time to argue, no time to pout
You left me with a whisper, not a shout


Instrumental Bridge

Now I’m looking out the window, snow is falling down
Wine in my glass so my sorrows can be drowned
You left me the cat but took away the dog we found
The house is so quiet now there’s nary a sound

Chorus x2

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I didn't know you could yodel! A great song-even though it must have been tough for him. I really enjoyed this one Susan!

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ha ha i want to hide when i hear yodel - possibly coz im afraid i might like it too much . nice one though ! good song - that sort of half yodel is very good