Sweet dreams, I love you...

Sweet dreams, I love you...

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Liner Notes: 

A gentle and contemplative mood here in the studio at the Castle. Rough as a badger's chuff recording because I didn't tune the guitar or worry about mic placement. I just hit the record button because I felt I had to. Smile

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the sustaining overtones here are so much better than the fake echo i use. really lovely piece that fills the air slowly and fully.

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Very soft and nice song. Reminds me of other times, other places, other loves and feelings... the ones we have never lived, been to or felt. And yet remember. This really transported me to another place.

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many people would take a week to get something this good - this is a really nice piece of music! very relaxing!

I need this to be about 20 minutes long, so I can meditate to it. It's so calming and soothing. Sometimes music is its own beautiful language. This is gorgeous.

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This is so beautiful and relaxing, I love it (downloading it to eat brekkie to). I'm with Val, I need it to be at least half an hour long and then it will be uber perfection Smile