Mystery of One

Mystery of One



Liner Notes: 

Don't expect this to go anywhere with a melody. It doesn't have one. The idea was to create a drone piece that could possibly be looped. For instance it could be for a video game where the character enters a certain area, and the music is rather static but dramatic and then just continues to loop as long as the character stays in that area. Or maybe like a DVD menu where the music loops until, you tell it to play the movie. Don't know why I wanted to write something like that, just did.

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Yes, that's great traveling music, great backing track -- sure!

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This is great! It is mysterious and compelling and took me places. What great music does!

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your liner notes descript the piece perfectly. wish i had more to add but you summed it up. making it so much more interesting to listen to than if i didnt know its role and urpose,

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Well, it's pretty cool and has little melody bits that I love. Would definitely work for a game or a movie.

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This is very cool and atmospheric. Really creates tension.

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Perfect liner notes for this piece.
You got it exactly.
This track is very atmospheric for sure.
Like the buildup to an intense battle sequence in a science fiction film or something.
Kind of ominous but in a good way.
Excellent work here!

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Lovely track, even heard on onboard computer speakers. I'll listen later with headphones.
I was trying to think of what some voices reminded me of, and realized it was Graeme Lewis/Wire/He Said...
Nice and moody!

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Lots of cool dark sounds - it create suspense and heightened awareness or anticipation. Would be great for a video game loop. Also sounds like what one feels like when the are stoned with some I intermittent paranoia setting in.