Water's Cool

Water's Cool

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People used to swim here
Now they’re not allowed
Let’s jump in anyway
And attract a crowd

Watch me, I can love you so good

Water’s cool, babe
Such a healing thing
No going back now
When I tackle you in

Watch me, I can love you so good

You slipped my mind a second there
But you’re coming back to me
Soaking wet and furious
And charging like a battery

Beaming underwater
As the laughter is shocked out of me
Hidden it for so long, honey
Now I want to world to see

Might have lost the plot here
But I’m begging you to stay
Or if you like, I’ll follow
If you think that that’s okay

Let’s drive til we run out of road
Let’s run away

Just watch me, I can love you so good
Watch me, I can love you so good

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I love the playful lilt in your voice! And the strumming is really nice, too - gently propels the song along. I can picture the scene. Sweet tune!

I like that little bit of irreverence in your lyrics. You use your guitar playing to great effect, giving the sections a different vibe. I like your melody with some nice mini leaps in the vocal line. Quite nice.

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the song is so well structured, with all the lyrical strands neatly parted and tied together.

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another very good song! there is something about your lyrics - they are just on a slight tangent - i really like it! i feel like you are just telling me a story cant think of a much higher compliment than that