Liner Notes: 

"The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse."

- Edmund Burke, 7th Feb, 1771: Speech on the Middlesex Election

It's been an interesting day in the UK. The Prime Minister had been taken to the Supreme Court for being a lying little toerag, and the judges have agreed (unanimously) that this was indeed the case.

The delay here is my Mooer "Ocean Machine" pedal (designed by Devin Townsend). I was listening to what the delay was doing as I played. and responding accordingly.

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Yeah, your politicians seem to be committed to shooting the country in both feet over the past few years.
Is that the official term, "lying little toerag"??
Anyway, excellent use of delay here.
I'm liking that little bass figure.
The entire bass line, actually.
Great clean guitar soaring about up there.
Really nice work for sure.