I Drowned the Past

I Drowned the Past

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Liner Notes: 

9/23 While staring at my middle school


Luckily my house is right next to my childhood home, my old school
I spent so long forgetting it I can't recall what the past brought because I drowned it
It didn't deserve to come up to the shore
To the storage
No stories to tell
No drama to dwell on
I have every reason to expel it
Don't wanna propel it

I came up several times, sometimes I blew it
Thank God I have the stamina to proceed
Put the matress aside, let's get to it
I have every reason to be great because they didn't give it to me easily
Locked me out, put me down, but their works failed, measly

The only stories I have left to tell are the ones of victory
Why would anybody highlight your loss
Unless they're jealous or they fall short, miserably
I'm pushing forward and I don't need to look back
Only you have your back
So don't spend so long tracking back to your past

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oh yeah that will rap for sure! nice one! got those sort of rap rhymes !