Space Boat

Space Boat

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Liner Notes: 

Fun with my good ol' Technics keyboard.


Come with me in my latest invention
And we will move through time and dimension
No star is too far no galaxy too remote
For our space boat

I am the captain of this cosmic ship
Come be my first mate on this cosmic trip
Through a stellar we will float
In our space boat

I know it looks and sounds all too unreal
You’re wondering about the wood steering wheel
And worried about the oars on the side
But believe me this is one sweet astral ride

Part SS Minnow, part USS Enterprise
We’ll make our merry way across the skies
We’ll travel light years sow our last wild oat
In our space boat

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Oh, this is a gem. I really like the combination of 50's New Orleans type of rhythm'n'blues melody and chords ( Fats Domino, Dr. John) and the "far-out" space journey lyrics. You don't hear that every day. Nice vocals too. Smile

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Cool echoey spacey verby setting on the synth and fun love song lyrics. Part SS Minnow, part USS Enterprise LOL

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You need to write a musical around this little gem! a bit spacey rocky horror! i even heard a spacey Bowie turnaround! really enjoyed this mate!

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Like the theme song for a low-budget 70's sci-fi TV show!
This is great!
This song has a certain amount of innocence, like a bunch of kids pretending that their cardboard box is a "space boat".
Yeah, really appealing tune here.

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what great fun!!! the comments people have made are on target and really say it all, too-

i love your vocal delivery, too- like a slightly crazed narrator on a thrill ride in some strange amusement park. love that last high note!

and the keyboard thing is perfect for this....