Bobby Got A Ticket!

Bobby Got A Ticket!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, Bobby forgot his driver's license that night. Thanks, your friend Jimmy

Jerry here: Bobby forgot his lyrics sheet. There was an update and not everything is in sync. Either way this is still version 1. Thanks for listening.


Bobby Got A Ticket

Bobby Got A Ticket
The road had 60 mph speed limit
Bobby Got A Ticket
He didn't show it any interest

The lights we're off on the sign
He thought he saw it with his eyes
He knows to slow down
He speeded it up and began to move around
He ditched his bottle on the road
It was a few hours flat and old
It was four - thirty a.m. he didn't see the cop
Who made him stop


He started a sobriety test
Bobby took a deep breath
He had to walk a straight line
That he can not fine
He walked back and tried to turn
He had fallen off the pattern
Bobby stood up and tried to stand
He held his truck keys in his hand

Bobby got a dui
He was very drunk by himself tonight
The point is he went to jail for it
He yelled damn it!
He said alright let him say goodbye

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your guitar and version 1 sound awesome.