Causing A Scene

Causing A Scene



Liner Notes: 

This is song number 12, using the second most popular common chord sequence from the list.

The fact is I have not done enough electronic songs this 5090.
I wanted this to be a straight forward electro pop instrumental.
I couldn't get it to work. I tried solos and runs, but it turned out horrible.

About 2 months ago I had written the first 5 lines for 2 verses of a lyric about a couple arguing in public, but I thought it would be a loud shouting song.

I found it when looking through my lyric backlog and tried it on this. It was after midnight, so I did a soft lazy guide vocal of five line verse with ad-libs over the rest. I listened to it today and thought it worked for some reason. Quickly finished some quirky lyrics and, a couple of rough vocals later, here we are.

Never give up they say.

Lyrically I tried to capture that moment where you are being considerate then suddenly you only care about the argument and lose all sense of other people being present.

I see it as a couple attending a friends birthday party, where one of them still has something on their mind and after a while something snaps and suddenly they're the only two people in the room.

Even though I believe these are shouty lyrics I think the lazy sarcastic vocals work somehow.


Causing A Scene
Music and Lyrics M M Scullion ©2019

We are having polite conversation
We are having polite conversation
We both know where we are
We don't want to push too far
We don't want to cause a scene
We don't want to cause a scene
We don't want to spoil the dream
We can't ruin the illusion of happy lives and perfect loving harmony

We're in the middle of a heated discussion
We're in the middle of a heated discussion
We've forgotten where we are
We might take this too far
We in the middle of the beginnings of a scene
We don't believe us any more
We been through this all before
Recurring themes and broken dreams, Fracturing the bond between us

We are having a fight
We are having a fight
We don't care where we are
We're going way too far
We don't care who's watching us
We don't care who witnesses
We don't care about anything,
We're proving points with louder voices
We're gesturing and finger pointing
We're raising voices trying to make our friends chose sides

We're causing a scene

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metalfoot's picture

Hey-- I want to listen to this one but the audio doesn't seem to be linked for whatever reason. I'll come back later to look again!


Oh, that was worth the return trip! Lovely 80s feel to the track with great synths and a quality melody. Thanks for letting me know it was up. Cheers!

musicsongwriter's picture

Very nice song. Loving the vibes, the energy, the dynamic feel. Very cool sounds.

Klaus's picture

Melody and structure has a fresh improvised feel, it goes round and round gathering strength slowly and insistently. Works really well with the lyrics that have the same idea. I also like the vocals and the vocal sound. Wonderful production and arrangement, very energetic and joyous. Great stuff!