Murder in the Woods

Murder in the Woods

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Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt "Leaf"
I've been watching the Ken Burns documentary Country Music on tv. Someone gave the elements of bluegrass music ending with "...and somebody dies." I had these chords that didn't sound happy, so thought if I use the prompt about leaves, it wasn't going to be about how beautiful fall in New England is.
Someone was going to die and be buried beneath the leaves. But as I got to the end, I realized it didn't have to be the kids. I'm more happy it ended the way it did.


Murder in the Woods
© Mark Greenberg September 22, 2019

They met in the spring when birds return to sing
And melting snows stream to fill the brooks
There were buds on leafless trees, warm sun and chilly breeze
They held hands and shared new lovers’ looks

Summer turned to green, they were shaded by the leaves
As they rendezvoused deep within the woods
Beneath the swaying boughs they shared their lovers’ vows
In their secret world where everything was good

Every chance they could they met deep in the woods
Hidden, for their parents mustn’t know
But they promised and they hoped they would soon elope
When autumn leaves fell before the snow

But their families both found out and carried all about
Like hill folk Capulets and Montagues
As the maples turned to gold the young lovers were told
If you meet again it’ll be the end of you

Deep within the woods it all came to no good
Two sets of parents missing, where God knows
Two young lovers on the run from two sets of graves they dug
There beneath the leaves beneath the snow

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Lovely and sad storytelling. Great skirmish response!

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nicely done! I like how you adapted one of those classic folk ballad setups and made it your own...

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Sorry missed this! Top lyric! Love the romeo and juliet stuff! Nicely done all round.

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Looking at the lyrics...v1 shows visually and tells of "they" and everything about the details surrounding, which I found quite interesting. The next section they share their vows and continues to paint imagery in a nice way. Moving forward the family is threatening this love. The bomb comes in the last section which I find very It's just a song, right? Great job on this. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Flange guitar...vocals now...can clearly understand the lyrics...sounds good...held hand and shared lovers looks. Good melody and storytelling. Ok, it's over now...well done, I like it.

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Ooooh, I’m glad I didn't read ahead. That had a wonderful storytelling vibe and pace to it, and the ending was exciting and chilling, my eyes grew wide I’m sure, as did a guilty grin. Very well done!

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I love that documentary! Such a fantastic story you have told! It unfolds wonderfully with great descriptions of their relationship and the environment around them. It is deliciously dark and your chord progression and vocals are absolutely perfect telling it. The last verse is perfect. Love the Romeo and Juliet reference but with a great twist. Brilliant take on the skirmish, Mark!

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A very complete story. In the style of those old British ballads that the immigrants brought along with their fiddles. That's a lot of tale for a skirmish. Well done.

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The documentary is fabulous!

Wow - now this is a murder ballad! Great job

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Very interesting to read and to listen to murder ballad. Cool take on skirmish.

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Oh cool, a murder ballad. Nice scene-setting in the first verse. Cool story. I read your description first, so I kinda expected a "I met little Sadie and I shot her down" kinda story, but the ending you've got is much better. It's a gruesome yet inappropriately hopeful story.