Just because I don't (...doesn't mean I won't)

Just because I don't (...doesn't mean I won't)

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Liner Notes: 

I woke up with the idea for the hook in my head -and the guitar line suggests the phrase "just because I don't doesn't mean I won't (or can't).

Threw the backing together using Air Xpand!2 and MT Power Drums. Then plugged the Schecter Omen VI into the smallest Dragondreams amp, switched to the Irongear Hammerhead pup in the neck - and jammed.


Here's my fledgling idea for the opening lyric...

Just because I don't doesn't mean to say I can't or won't
Please be careful what you do or say.
**next line goes here, no idea what yet**
Please think twice about the games you play.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Given how much effort you put into production (you know full well that you're as bad as I am), the verb "threw" is not persuading anyone here, Paul.

Peppy synth line works well here. And that guitar tone is - as I would expect - rich and creamy. And crunchy. Gert lush, as they are inclined to say down here.

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Busy playing more instruments than ever now but my hearts still a guitar! Nice to hear a clean guitar not too overdone, jamming along nicely!

I like those angular lines. Somewhat in the style of Larry Carlton. Ear pleasin'!

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That hook is definitely saying that line, very clear Smile This is very interesting in it's composition, with the various sections coming (apparently) seamlessly together Smile Love it as always Smile