Endless Desire

Endless Desire

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Liner Notes: 

I had another idea that morphed into this one. Would love for someone to do this.


Endless Desire
© 2019 Cindy Prince

If I ever had it before
I've lost it now
Not sure what is in store
But I have little doubt
That it's you
And your sensual ways
I am consumed
With this burning blaze

I've come undone
I've fallen fast
Not sure in the long run
If this fire can last
You have ignited
This fiery spark
I cannot fight it
You'v got my heart

It's burning, burning
I feel like I'm on fire
I have this yearning
For this endless desire...desire


My life has changed
With your touch
I have this ache
I need you so much
I can't recall
Anything before
My emotions are raw
Babe, I am yours

Repeat chorus

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Sweet lyrics! hit me up if it ever get a demo!

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I like the torrid - euphoric rhyme a lot. This song sizzles with lustful desire.

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This has a very different feel to a lot of yours. It has a real staccato feel in the lyric, they feel like they need to spill out. Its incredibly singable.