The tip of Iceland

The tip of Iceland

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Liner Notes: 

I made this song while on a flight from the US to Europe, flying over Iceland. The song was made on my OP-Z, and recorded straight to my phone.



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It feels like being in flight on an airplane looking down over an island somewhere far below. Very enjoyable.

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The synth coming in at :41 was a good choice for the basis behind this song, I feel. It has an icy feel...while still being warm in the ears, if that makes any sense at all.
I am a sucker for arps, and I appreciate the way you usually use yours.
Good drum pattern with some syncopation under the paddy music.
Has a feeling of sun beaming off of ice crystals around 3:01 with that arp, pads and other synths. I'm getting visuals throughout, which I feel is one of the marks of a good instrumental.
Nice feel to the ending.
Thought this would be too long for me, but I didn't notice the time go by.