Hurricane Jones, - Was My Daddy’s Name

Hurricane Jones, - Was My Daddy’s Name




Liner Notes: 

- Larry W Jones (Kingwood Kowboy - alias) original Lyrics from 5090-2019 lyrics-only; then rewritten, arranged and musicated by ustaknow (alias)

Larry and his Daddy, -- still inspiring others 59 years later!

-- Just trying to keep up with the Jones..., Wink

[The mix is a tad on the Bass heavy side, but, it's that 12-String and something I was not watching on the Mixer, so, it is, what is it, and derItis Wink Gudnuff4Gov werk!? )


A, Em

Well..., my own Daddy’s name, was Ivy the Hurricane
He was known as, Hurricane Jones ...
Yes, he was kin, to the wayward wind…
Mama saw that was the way with him, oh, yahh…

He was born in Louisiana
And my dear Mama was born there too
Now, I was born in Corpus, that’s Christi Texas
Right in the middle of World War Two, ohhh ewww …

Hurricane Jones was my Daddy’s name
Maybe the wayward wind was to blame, ahhh hhh…
Hurricane Jones didn’t leave, no stones unturned
His life rolled on as Hurricane, Ivy Jones, ohhh hohhhah

My Mama raised us kids in Texas
While Daddy worked anywhere he could, he would
Well digger or on a garbage truck driver, at Gladstell Mill
There where he stacked, all the chip, cracked wood

When I saw my Mama’s, hungry eyes
Her tired fingers worked to the bone, like stone…
That’s when I wondered where Daddy was
Just like a hurricane, here and was gone..., ohhh long gone...

A // Em sus //

Hurricane Jones was my Daddy’s name...
Maybe, the wayward wind, was to blame…

(c) 2019 Larry W Jones, ustaknow (alias)

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phoenixash's picture

Awesome blues song, your vocals sound marvelous in this, super expressive in every little emotion and in the way they bring the story to life, the guitars are great and really give out the mood.

coolparadiso's picture

Yup as i commented before! This can play out anyway! I suggested tongue in cheek we should all do it for Rocktober. Nice one.

@coolparadiso your profile page is gone again Smile — so reply here:
I think Rocktober is a great idea.

I remember a discussion once about folks covering another FAWMers work. Larry does not play an instrument and has an open public invitation for anyone to use his work, just copyright it and credit him as songwriter, even modify or adapt.

I think it’s a pretty cool way to go. He’s not even saying, ask first - just CR and Credit.

— He’s a John Wayne of songwriters, cowboy, if I ever saw one Smile

Jessicagraae's picture

I love all the details in the lyrics-gives such an earthy feel. Great vocals and instrumentals.

I wouldn't worry about the heaviness on the bass; that sonorous 12-string is its own master, so let it have its voice. Loving the harp playing on this - it never takes over but it's an integral part of the vibe. Laid-back, bluesy coolness. Just what I need on this Saturday night...

JWHanberry's picture

Good ode to Mr. Hurricane. They make 'em special in Texas. My Daddy was one. That big ol' 12 string keeps it movin' right along. I also like the molon labe flag on the demo page. I've got the t-shirt!