There's Nothing He Can Do

There's Nothing He Can Do

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Liner Notes: 

We've been watching the Ken Burns series about Country Music on PBS for the past few nights. This song was inspired by that show. Country music has lots of sub categories. This one is supposed to be the "Nashville" sound of the late 50's - early 60's which incorporated a little of the classical sound (less twang and yodel). If you listen carefully you might hear the Jordanaires singing ooo's and ah's. LOL

I found the perfect country guitar loop for the song, but it wasn't acidized and only had an A and an E. I managed to get the B I needed by accident, can't find the right sequence of buttons again. The B is still a little wonky, so I covered it up as best I could with a piano track. I would have preferred to vary the chords some more, but none of my other guitar loops gave the right rhythm.


There’s Nothing He Can Do
Susan Cantey © 2019

When a woman’s heart is broken
She can wash that man right out of her hair
But when a man falls for a fallen angel
There’s nothing he can do to wash pain away

He might fool around with a lady or two
That’s very true
But when he falls in love with all of his heart
There’s nothing he can do

All a woman needs to forget a man
Is a dress and a new pair of shoes
But when the shoe’s on the other foot
A man will drown himself in his favorite brew


Oh, he’ll try to deny
That she means anything
But he’s a lonesome bird
With a broken wing


There’s nothing he can do

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nice tribute to the patsy cline era. i like it much better than what kd laing tried to do. didnt know ken burns did a series on country music, i think it wuld infuriate me if i tried to watch it.

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i think you've nailed it! certainly sounds from that era! very nice

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That is such a good special, isn’t it? I love your response to it! This has a great old country feel and with your musical ability and vocals, this sounds like a county hit! I really think the lyrics are spot on for the genre too! Kudos for your country!!!

What beautiful harmonies! They leaven the message of this song - I did what the song describes, and it didn't work out; it took me a couple a decades to get over it Sad