Gettin The Fuzzies

Gettin The Fuzzies



Liner Notes: 

Hadn't done much this month. Finally did a tutorial on EDM music and came up with this track. Twas fun.

This is the tutorial I did:

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cindyrella's picture

What fun! Love that title and could dance to this for sure. Or try to! Fabulous!

kahlo2013's picture

Great dance beat with those cool well placed double claps prior to the sections with the steady clap rhythm with a nice double clap bookend near the end. I like the flow of the melody line and the well timed little synth crescendo effects. Not sure what that intricate mid layer line was doing in the chorus like section but it was a really cool layer. All worked really well for a great happy feeling electronic dance groove. I’m thinking I should take the time to learn some things instead of just messing around like I do. You are inspiring me!

cts's picture

I really enjoyed this, Valerie. I checked out the Youtube vid, and I gleaned some tips from it. No time this go round but maybe come next FAWM I can present what I've learned. Are you thinking about an EP of EDM?

helen's picture

Yay! This is tonnes of fun. Love the little arpeggio line in the middle, really adds to the movement and vibe.

billwhite51's picture

am i watching Flashdance 2? if so, this is excellent opening titles music.

Susan Cantey's picture

Happiness comes alive! Very joyful with lots of interesting & beautiful rhythmic. Wonderfully composed and so so melodic too! Give rose

Fuzzy's picture

Listening cos my name is in the title. Smile
This tune of yours made me happy and is helping to wake me up this morning.
Such a joyful little tune you got here!
Nice work!!

splittybooms's picture

Spot on intro.
Seconds in and I'm liking the sound choices.
You are very effective at taking these tutorials and creating solid songs right away. This has no traces of someone creating something that they watched a tutorial on how to do. It just sounds like a track that would be found on a playlist.
I don't know what your intentions are, but this would be a great track for youtubers or commercials.
Was actually hoping for more when it ended.
Excellent job.