In On A Secret

In On A Secret

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Wish, make a wish,
Hold it tight, make it quick
Hold your tongue, don’t speak
In the silence, in the deep

You’re in deep, deep trouble
And you don’t know how to roll
Push it deep, deep, down
Push it down into your soul

Glance, steal a glance
Steal a look, risk a chance
Risk a ‘—excuse me
may I have this dance’

Extend your arms real wide
Hold your hand out for
Someone who could say ‘never’
Someone who could say ‘of course’

And I’ll let you in on a secret
You will feel okay again

Point, what’s your point?
I can hear it in your joints
It’s the pressure in head
It’s the waver in your voice

It’s the weight on your back
Every creak, every crack
When you bend for sure
Then you can’t break anymore

Don’t push it down in your soul
You can’t break anymore
Someone who could say ‘of course’
Oh, you can’t break anymore

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Nice. I see it very positively! Darned if i know how you can flow so many words so fast and still stay coherent! Enjoyable!

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it seems that i like each song of yours than the last one. you have such a wondergul sense of melody, making epic moves with the smallest of gestures. but its your phrasing that keeps me hanging on to each twisting phrase.