“Twice,” he said.

“Twice,” he said.

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Liner Notes: 

events leading up to crossing the threshold from the friend zone into ecstasy


Two pencil marks on a basement wall
Measured the tallness of one
Against the shortness of the other
Although both were approximately
The same height.

His back had been against the wall
And her front against him
When, pencil in hand, she
Made a mark at the top of his head
As he, kissing her, turned her around
To set his mark
At the top of her head,

Always kissing her,
Finally asking if she
Wanted to come to his bed.
It was the beginning of a journey,
A journey that would end
Two years hence
In a cold tub of water on the other
Side of the country.

After she came,
She asked if he had come.
“Twice,” he said.

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Twice is nice, eh? Creative story you tell, and I like the way you tell it!