God's Love became One of Us

God's Love became One of Us

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Liner Notes: 

We've been watching the PBS series about Country music (it's fascinating BTW) so I had to write a country gospel song. I thought of the idea for the chorus while I was sitting in the Worship Furnace at Crossroads Church on Tuesday. Now that it's done, I like the first verse and not much else.


God’s Love Became One of Us
Susan Cantey © 2019

Well, I was sitting in the pew
Thinking about the universe
All the stars and planets in the sky
When the Spirit filled my soul
As I dwelled upon God’s grace
And wondered why…
Why did He do what He did?
Why did He do what He did?
Why did He do what He did for us?

God’s love became one of us
What a mystery!
God’s love became one of us
Became a baby
God’s love became one of us
Slept in a manger
God’s love became one of us
Our Savior!

Well, I was driving home from church
Thinking about the people
Driving on the road along with me
About my friends and relatives
Who don’t seem to realize
Jesus died to set us free…
Want to tell them what He did
Tell them what He did
Tell them what He did for us


Instrumental bridge


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I am going to have to watch that! This is such a classic country gospel song! Excellent Susan~!

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I've been looking forward to that PBS series. And congratulations on 50!
I like this one a lot - all the words, and the sincere and lovely way you sing them. And indeed a classic country feel.

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Looking at the lyrics...I like the first verse too...very much. I like the chorus as well as I believe in Jesus. No, I don't practice (bad boy...lol) but I have felt Jesus and he is the light of the world. I like the last verse as well. I'm ready for your beautiful singing now. Laptop speakers this time as I'm not set up today. Ok, here we go. Hold. Sounds country...singing...sounds fabulous...great lyrics...harmony now...great gospel song. Good mix. Can clearly understand the lyrics. Harmonica surprise...chorus again now...our savior and out. Very nice Susan. Congratulations on winning the challenge.

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County gospel at its finest! I love the bass guitar. Sweet lyrics... God's love became one of us...slept in a manger. Beautiful.