The Blue Moon Of Kentucky Is Gold

The Blue Moon Of Kentucky Is Gold

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The Blue Moon Of Kentucky Is Gold

Now, Kentucky moons have come and gone
But all those moons ain’t as have been told
Folks, don’t pay attention to that song
The blue moon of Kentucky is gold

So now folks, take off your blue blindfold
And what’s more, it ain’t made of swiss cheese
That old blue Kentucky moon is gold
And folks, if you go there you will freeze


Now, that Kentucky blue grass ain’t blue
Blue moons of Kentucky ain’t blue too
How confused can you get in your mind
When you’re blue on Kentucky moonshine

Those Kentucky moons ain’t blue, they’re gold
Kentucky blue grass ain’t blue, it’s green
So, don’t pay attention to what’s told
Grass is green and moons have a gold sheen


Well now folks, it’s high time to come clean
Don’t get caught up in that old song mold
Kentucky blue grass is really green
And old blue Kentucky moons are gold

The blue moon of Kentucky is gold

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Ok, ok, blue grass and moons and all that's good; but, when I think of Kentucky, I think of Bourbon, one shot and a beer? Wink and a pretty girl to share it with.

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im with Usta! but a few of those bourbons will either make or diminish the blue! clever!