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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: This is a spin off version of "We Got Hit By Lightning". I was going to skip the lyrics but I just grabbed them and put it here anyways. The vocals don't necessarily follow the lyrics here.

Production notes: I was trying to use my midi controller in Ableton and it kept detecting pitch bend instead of a volume control so I got mad. I started banging, yanking, and twisting the damn pitch bend knob and I'll be damned it started working right again. I'll be damned. After a little testing I brought in Reason One Touch Orchestral, used Ableton to convert to midi, used Sampletank Orchestra, 2 sessions of Absynth, and added the vocals that you can hear with the echo. I think that's about it...thanks for listening.


We Got Hit By Lightning

Lightning just hit our tree outside
Scared all of us who were inside
The tree caught fire and fell on the house
Grab the kids and grabbed my spouse
Out of the house and into the car
We didn't have to drive very far
Call 911 and they said stay home
Fire department on the way you're not alone

We got hit by lightning
It was quite frightening
We got hit by lightning
Get out of the house is the right thing

The tree almost got us that time
Now it's too difficult to hide
I can see another storm cloud
And branches fall to the ground
Watching for tornado very close
The house went up like burnt toast
Fire truck came and put out the fire
Our luck was bad today and future looks dire

We have no place to go
The lightning burned our house down
Took all of our clothes and money too
Is there emergency shelter?
Damn friggin storm

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your music and vocals sounds awesome.

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yeah wow thats really cool - very different but very interesting. big wall of sound ! something fro everyone to like