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Liner Notes: 

At FAWMSTOCK. This arrangement was in my head. A few months later, voila! Very much a demo take as I was playing around with some pretty nifty Abbey Road plug ins and what not. So, it sounds a bit least it does to me. Clams (bad notes) aplenty, but it's alright. It's just a rough draft.

U may want to light a candle while listening. U just might blush, too.


I don't really want 2 play U, baby
This ain't the way that it's got 2 B
Your other lovers tried 2 drive U crazy
Tripping out about complexity
I'm not really all that complicated
My love rests in simplicity
I want 2 give U what U're wanting baby
A round trip 2 ecstasy
I'll only touch U where U want me baby
In the realm of sensitivity
I'll take as long as U want 2 baby
Before my tongue slides in2 your V
I want 2 taste your current condition
An ocean of erotic sensory
I smell the wild of your inhibitions
U don't really want 2 resist me

Let's run away together
Where no 1 could see
Let's go somewhere where we could B free

U and me in the realm of your senses
Because I know that now U're mine
I can have U in this life baby
Truly now everything's divine
Can I put U in my heartbox baby
Keep U forever and 17 days
Will U B my masturbaby
Or has the passion faded away
Don't tell me 'bout past romances
Them suckas mean nothing 2 me
I'm the erogenous wonder legendary 4 making U cream
Don't trip with your sex toys baby
All the fun is at my command
I will hip U 2 my Kama Sutra
I'll make U come with 1 touch of my hand

Let's run away together
Where no 1 could see
Let's go somewhere where we could B free

2019 TJF_Afterdark

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i like this more than most of the prince songs that came after sign o the times . kinda reminds me of the lovesexy period.

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lol...yeah, Them suckas mean nothing 2 me neitha. The lyrics certainly have their way. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. good...can clearly understand the lyrics...has a nice groove...where you want me, baby...sounds good on the laptop speakers...means it's a good mix. I hear sax...vocals, and lyrics carrying this one. Not surprising....them suckas mean nothing 2 me...vibrato note...nice. Yes, has a cool soul sound. Takes me back to the 70s...I think...about that time I use to hear music like this...but not lyrics like Ah man, it's over. Yep, nice job guys...I like it.

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Sounds like a solid start. You planning to mix it up later?

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love the sway in the music. Deep song. Love the sax you added

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It makes me shake my skin and bones. It might be the plug-ins!