School Lunches

School Lunches

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Liner Notes: 

Talking to my daughter today and she mentioned school lunches and I decided to write something down.
So many things were tasteless, but a few things I liked. Some of the lunch ladies were so sweet.


School Lunches
© 2019 Cindy Prince

Once in awhile
I miss my school days
Except every day at noon

Standing in line
Digging dimes to pay
Grabbing a fork and spoon

The mashed potatoes
Had no taste at all
Nor did the canned corn

Some of the meats
As I seem to recall
Were oddly shaped and formed

Good old school lunches
Never enough to fill
Plopped on those trays
Not a very appetizing meal
We had to swig it all down
With those little cartons of milk

Old Lady Stone
Used to slam down her fist
In between our trays
So we'd fill up our spoons
With icky green peas
Or a dollop of mayonnaise
She got mad but wasn't surprised
When it landed right between her eyes

There were a few
Things I would eat
Like the hamburgers and fries

But lumpy pudding
That tasted like concrete
Was nearly my demise

Repeat chorus

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It's a lovely song.

I was in school in the Reagan era of "ketchup is a fruit." I have to say I mostly enjoyed my lunch periods. I can't recall many details of the foods. I do remember some of the foods I liked, some of which are foods I still enjoy. Foods I didn't like, though? I think my lunches were too unhealthy to not taste great.

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What a wonderful and unique concept for a song. Love the all too familiar details. What memories this brings back!