Old House Head Boy

Old House Head Boy

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Liner Notes: 

When you vibe to your own music, who cares what anyone else thinks

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I love the ebbs and flows of the layers here. Some really cool voice bits and wonderfully rich builds. I like how it backs down and really lets vocals/voice shine midway through in the section about 1:35 in. Cool energy in this. There is a lot is playfulness and a bit of a sensual sense coming through too. I really enjoyed it.

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so full and clean. really good and takes off brilliantly at 2.15 this is really good mate,

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all the diverse elements in perfect sync. fantastic job of selection and mixing to creat a dynamite track.

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This is definitely an intriguing track. Feel good energy. I like how you build track on track turning the whole thing into a pleasant, appealing cacophony of sounds, beats and samples.