Grey Stone

Grey Stone



Liner Notes: 

I seem to be quite adept at writing horror theme music, I don't know why.

This is formed from a number stream i noticed on the back of a store packed sandwich wrapper.

This seemed to be going places, lyrical ideas were forming, I liked the way it was sounding, then it took a strange turn and became a horror theme.

Anyway, no going back, here it is.

This is an Instrumental.

Music M M Scullion ©2019


Grey Stone
Music by M M Scullion ©2019

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That half-tone modulation really does give this a sinister air. The more complex progression with the arpeggios totally hits the spot, too. I could totally see this being played over the end credits of a horror or SF movie.

I'm intrigued by the liner notes; how did you apply the numbers on your sandwich? As determining the note or chord progression, or something else? Whatever it was, it worked well!

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This has a brilliantly haunting feel as it grows and backs off in intensity on different sections. I especially like the really kind of scary sinister parts like in the part around 35-45 sec in and again near the end. It really creates a sense of anticipation!

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this is un nerving from the start and gets real scary at the 42 second mark and doesnt let up.until 1 minute 19, when it shifts into a deceptive saftely zone for about 20 seconds before the horror intensifies, at 2
minutes 19, we get another 20 second reprieve until the climax crashes in. good work. this doesnt just underscore a scene. it creates one.