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Liner Notes: 

guitar and vocal samples manipulated
layered drum patterns
one i may release down the line after if I like the final version

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Definitely getting that "sway and nod" tag with this one. Those distant vocals really give things a sense of space. Very tasteful guitar, too; there's not too much, not too fast - but the melodic choices are just what is needed. Ending's a bit abrupt, though - I would have liked to listen to everything gradually wash away in a cosy, warm bath of reverb... Enjoyed this one a lot.

I like way you put this together, good choice of sounds, grooving away, but continually drawn back to the high pitched voice. very nice. I too would like a slow fade, possibly into the next track

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Very musical flowing almost tropical feel. I love the laid back easy going feel. I feel like I need to listen while in a hammock enjoying one of those ice cold drinks with a little umbrella in it.