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It's a collab / It's a demo / Enjoy


G Slade
Verse 1
Witch Doctor, Witch Doctor, what do you need
I think my brain’s been burnin’ at a million degrees
Bleeding from my ears, oozin’ out of my nose,
You gotta tie me up, tie me down, don’t let me go

I got a fire burnin’ in me and a ticket to ride
I got to stay on the run because there’s nowhere to hide
A disease is runnin’ through me and it cannot be cured
Only death will do us part and of that I am sure

Take it to the limit, push the boundaries
Pushing pack on every body pushing back up at me
I take a lot of attitude, give a lot in return
I ain’t afraid to strike a match, sit back and watch it burn

I set the record straight, drop the beat, set the mood
Now every body in the room is lookin’ at you,
They all want to know what it is you want them to do,
But it ain’t me cause you ain’t got nothin’ I can’t see through

I’m gonna call it out, pick you up and put you on blast
Leave my soul for the world and leave my hate in the past
Want to knock the the walls, want to tear up the flags
Scream let freedom ring while I’m under attack

Hey there baby do you know what I mean, I'm a radical, radical so extreme
Oh No baby I did it again, I'm a radical, radical, in it to win

Red's Lyrics

Verse 2

crooked spine from all night online
your opinion is wrong unless it mirrors mine
from my keyboard everything is fine
perhaps the outrage will pass if you just give it some time
warriors from all sides
coveting a false prize
hate is on the sharp rise
what are you surprised?
with a system built on lies
it's not hard to recognize
everything it touches dies
only adding to it's size

collecting likes like coins
Instagram Super Mario has got poise
my milkshake brings more to the yard then boys
you might hate the message but you love the toys
don't believe everything you read on Wikipedia
spouting like it's fact on your favourite social media
pre-diagnosed case of mental bulimia
hide behind a firewall and you can't even see me tho

click on the link
the internet is sketchier than you can ever think
it's taken many victims and brought some to the brink
it's tough to differentiate your taboo from your kink
tell me that you've heard it all before
get a little taste
automatic thirst for more
one stop shop at an online store
post the pics of your purchase
someone calls you a whore

just refreshing all day
one more snap and I'll put it away
say what you gotta say and get it out of the way
'cause I'm getting bored and I've had enough for today
people racking up the cash
by taking pictures of their ass
while teachers spend their own cash
to buy supplies for their class

tell me that ain't wrong
I've been feeling sorry since the day I was born
Expressing in song that we just can't get along
but you're not hearing me now
you've never heard me at all

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Plenty of meat in the lyrics to get one's teeth into here. And "tell me that ain't wrong" is the perfect response. Those treated vocals in the chorus are unusual and memorable; the contrast in viewpoints in the two verses really stands out and raises the question: does getting angry with the way things are run always lead to radicalisation?

If Weird Al Yankovic ever covered a White Zombie track, it might sound something like this.

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i havent heard much rock hip hop since the heyday of bad brains. nice to hear someone rappng and rocking at the same time.