Emergency Shift

Emergency Shift

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Liner Notes: 

Trying to capture the busy ebbs and flows of the emergency room- not sure that it worked as I had hoped

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Not sure if it is me or not but I can't get it to play

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Working fine now. I think you did capture the ebb and flow wonderfully. I think it would be great for a medical drama. Good one!

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I like when you do electronic instrumentals.
This has many layers and sections that seem to all be tied together with the constant guitar riff.
Varying drum patterns, little flights of rhodes melodies and chords, various arps...its hectic like a busy ER. But those lighthearted floaty little elec piano runs here and there make me think of the moments when someone may come in who is in good spirits, uses humor to brighten everyone's day, and only has a mild ailment. Someone who lightens the mood among the dourness of the atmosphere.