Her Name Was Ginger

Her Name Was Ginger

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Liner Notes: 

I love people with red hair (or gingers) and even married one. Needs music and vocals.


Her Name Was Ginger
© 2019 Cindy Prince

When the sunlight hit her hair
I'd have gone anywhere
With her

Red hair down to her waste
I so wanted a taste
Of her nectar

Her name was Ginger
Like her locks
She got the looks
And could knock
You off your feet
Her essence so sweet
Her name was Ginger

Ruby lips
Dimpled smile
Curvy hips
To make you wild

She loved the Irish dance
And I'd have taken a chance
To be her star

Alas she was spoken for
So I had to just adore
Her from afar

Repeat chorus

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I love red heads too and you capture that essence of beauty and desire here.

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Oh, that first line about sunlight! I met someone once and the light was just bouncing off their hair - it was incredible and I was swooning. It's a real thing! We met again under different lighting conditions and it was just not the same. I'm sure this Ginger here is amazing in all kinds of light - sunlight, LED, compact fluorescent, halogen, edison bulbs.

So many other intriguing non-light related qualities, too Smile