If I Could

If I Could

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Liner Notes: 

Contemplating how worries about health and/or money can end up overwhelming the simple pleasures in life...

This ended up sounding way heavier than I expected, with more than a little hint of seventies Deep Purple to things; I rather like the results of adding an overdriven organ to the mix...


If I could, I'd stay in here all day
surrounded by my books and my guitars
If I could, I'd sleep the night away
or maybe spend it gazing at the stars

It's not to be, 'cause real life sucks
we have to concentrate on bringing in the bucks

If I could, I'd write the sort of song
You'd want to keep forever in your heart
If I could, I'd be where I belong
Every day I'd spend on making art

If I could, I'd turn the planet green
covering the Amazon with trees
If I could, my conscience would be clean
although I know there are no guarantees

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Dragondreams's picture

My jaw is on the desk, Chris! The tones are perfect for each and every element! I've always loved your stuff, and I really like the way I've heard your production values evolve through the years - and I know we're supposed to focus on the song, not the production, but I think you work like I do and that the production is as much a part of the song as the writing. I'm getting "your" sound through all of this track, and I'm getting a strong Deep Purple vibe that really suits it too. Wink
Loving this one. And I'm in awe of your prodigious output this year! Smile

atitlan's picture

Sounds like a 50/90 anthem to me ...

That riff really drives it along; the organ really helps give it that 70s rock vibe. Guitar tone on the solo in the outro is so good ...

I love an overdriven organ, well overdriven everything really. Tight production great guitar work, it's so good. And the lyrics so true. Heavy sigh, work tomorrow.

kahlo2013's picture

‘Cause real life sucks... that is a hook that people will definitely sing along to at a live show! Love the energy and rock feel to this - the guitars and rock guitar work brilliantly together to make me want to dance to this pumping my fist when we get to that real life sucks bit! Love the whole message of wanting to folllow and be true to our passions. If only.. right?

Ferry Colyer's picture

Full of energy and very relatable. Making art instead of making money. The attraction to the first is so much richer and adventurous. I can definitely hear a determination in here for giving the finger to how it is not supposed to be and a strong wish to be true. Very powerful song. The organ somehow gave me a Pink Floyd vibe while the guitar solos and riffs are terrific.