Is this all there is?

Is this all there is?

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Liner Notes: 

Just waiting for my coffee to brew...

Schecter Omen VI with Roland GK3 hex pup and Roland GR20 synth controller, straight into Reaper. Mind blank, fingers moving (Hey! There's the title of another track right there!) Wink

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This felt good first thing in the morning. Atmospheric, calm, welcoming and much needed. Thank you!

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Delicious atmospheric music that creates a sense of beauty, calm, peace, and magic. Love the feeling I get when listening - it really transports me to a different space. I want to listen again later with headphones. So good!

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A really appealing piece of Ambience here.
So calm and relaxing.
Great movement back and forth in the headphones.
Minimal but full sound, if that makes sense.
This is so nice!!
Great work!!