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Liner Notes: 

Adnama17: So I'm not exactly sure what this is. Fuzzy and I were passing around the "backing" track, and we weren't really sure what to do with it. It has a little bit of 12 string, piano, melodica, and I don't remember what else exactly. Then Standup sent me the lyrics, and I felt from the beginning they might end up in something weird. I tried to fight Musey on it, but she said no dice. We were doing it her way. I feel like "I Fought Musey and Musey Won" should be a FAWM/50.90 anthem, don't you? Besides, having 19 languages in one song was a challenge I just couldn't pass up. I wanted to do more exotic languages, but Google Translate was not up for the task. Sigh... And I feel sorry for this woman. Everything is indeed temporary. I hope she figures that out someday.

So my apologies for:
Wasting 3 minutes and 5 seconds of your life.
Wasting 3 minutes and 5 seconds of your life.
Butchering your native languages.



Your broken arrows litter the field (Je gebroken pijlen vervuilen het veld) -Dutch
All your strategies revealed (jmye aistaratijiatik kashafat) -Arabic
Last minute mergers, you made your mark (Sáp nhập phút cuối, bạn tạo dấu ấn của bạn) -Vietnamese
All your best deals done in the dark (all deine besten Deals im Dunkeln) -German

Everything is temporary (Omnia tempus sit)
she's a passer-by (Et a transeunte)
In nineteen languages (In decem et linguis)
she can say "goodbye" (Et potest dicere vale)

You live in New York City (คุณอาศัยอยู่ในนิวยอร์กซิตี้) -Thai
No one's seen you there (Nadie te ha visto allí) -Spanish
Your domicile is undeclared (Ваш дом незадекларирован) -Russian

You say you live nowhere (Você diz que mora em lugar nenhum) -Portuguese
And it works for you (Sareng damel pikeun anjeun) -Sudanese
When the case is unsealed (当案件开封时) -Chinese
You can do the interviews (μπορείτε να κάνετε τις συνεντεύξεις) -Greek

Goodbye: Italian, French, English, Hindi, Japanese, Bengali, Uzbek

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Pretty cool, folks. I need to listen to more of this style of musicality so that I can collaborate more with others on the 50/90 site. This is pretty clever and I like the way it all comes together. My time was not wasted! Wink

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Yeah, a great way to finish this one off.
I think the vocals are a good addition to the backing track.
@Adnama17, you've really done a good job with this!

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Big tension in the intro, felt like a Western movie scene. Cool to hear some Dutch, of course I was triggered by the title! Cool panning feel in the various voices. New York Cityyyyyyy!, I love that one. Lovely waste of time.

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Well this is really quirky cool and creative. Since I am not native to any of the languages spoken I can’t jusfr the accuracy of pronunciation but I this it sounds really awesome and avant garde. The music track is really cool to with the depth and foundation as well as the staccato bits thrown in. I’m not sure how you got here from your liner notes but I really enjoyed what the three of you did.

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That was a trip. I felt like I was on a strange version of the trip around the world at Disney or something. Which was a fun way to spend a few minutes this evening.

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Around the world in a song! Cool soundscape.
The latin chorus sounded a bit italian to me. And of course the german sentence contained an english word Smile

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Looking at the talent on this and I'm excited already!

Looking at the lyrics....well I went back because I forgot the liner notes. Yeah, the different languages make this quite unique. The first line broken arrows litter the field is awesome. Later we have all your best deals done in the dark...nice. Strong chorus especially brought out in the last line....nice. The next section I had to look up domicile (1. formal A home or residence.) makes sense. The last section reminds me of Nowhere Man but it's Nowhere Woman...I believe. Great job on this...quite interested in the audio...and I'm ready now...hold. synth lead melody...chopping guitars...rise...backward...language...sounds cool...not sure what that audio is in the back...vocals rule on this...sound like type type type type...cut cut cut cut effects on the language...synth background....bells now...think I heard Japanese goodbye. Great job on this...I like this kind of stuff...especially making it myself...but definitely a fun listen and look at the lyrics.

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Hm, there is something appealing here and I can't quite identify what it is.
Absolutely abstract and left-field, but there
I don't know if its the intrigue of "what will this line sound like in that language?". Perhaps I'm drawn to the vocal chop keeping the tempo.
The sparse bits of music?
I don't know. And perhaps that is the draw itself.
If you can leave someone unsure of how they feel, I think that is a success.

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Reminds me of some installation art that you might see at MoMA or something. I like the melodica and the cutesy bells at the end. They almost sound like the end of a PSA. This was interesting.

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Can't listen now (I'm at work), but the lyrics are certainly creative! The title forces me to say: Tot Ziens! Doei! Houdoe! De Groeten!