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Liner Notes: 

One of the songs we are still working on but we thought it was at a stage for sharing. He did the majority of the mixing and tweaking with the sounds and what have you. The melody is borrowed a little from Quincy Jones' Stuff Like That. More than likely we'll end up changing it as this was just a rough idea. The voice at the beginning is Eva Natal.

How we did it:
Recorded and mixed using Acid Pro 6
Repurposed in Studio One Professional
Virtual instruments: Electro Bass, Various synths
Drum Programming: CTS
Vocal samples: TJF_Afterdark
Additional mixing by TJF_Afterdark


Walked up in this joint
They were lined up back 2 back
There was no shame, no who's 2 blame
They were feeling it just like that
Smoking all kinds of stuff
They were doing it from the back
Front ways, anyways, don't matter - hey!
They were getting laid back trying 2 make U dance

And just when U thought it was safe
They took their shoes off of their teeth
Running off at the mouth
At anyone coming up the street
There ain't no shame in their game, oh no
Doin' it on the beat
Trying 2 just bring U in, take a chance
Be your friend and make U dance

2019 TJF_Afterdark

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Very well put together and very catchy. Nicely keeps that thread going on right through.

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Grabs your attention straight from the intro. Love that high synth in the first verse. Very Prince-y - especially in the way it initially sounds fairly skeletal, but when you pay attention there's lots going on.

This is nice, and it does remind me of Prince. Good sound choices and vocal performance. Let me know when you got it completed, I will pop back to listen.

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Looking at the lyrics... the first section sounds like fun. v2 no shame in their games jumps at me. Looks good...I'm ready for the audio...hold. Lift...vocal intro...groove now...hard guitar...lots of percussion...main groove now...bass...vocals...sounds soul music...heard some horns...synth bass...took their shoes off their teeth...doing it on the beat...make you changeup...everything dropping off...ah and out. Cool the rest of your stuff and I like all of it. Great job on this.

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What fun lyrics and groove.
A fine collab. I will be back for more!!!!!!

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Really cool! Oh my, now you’ve inspired me to come up with another song before it’s all over.

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Oh very, very cool. Has a Prince feel to it. So many hooks in here they all run one right after the other! Unique and just... nothing short of amazing! Kudos on another fantastic collaboration!