Life's Too Short to Go Slow

Life's Too Short to Go Slow

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Liner Notes: 

One really fine lyrics by Kristi, yes indeed. The melody for this actually took some work but then to balance it out the demo didn't take long. No click track either. With only one guitar this is a song I could play live all by myself. Thanks again, Kristi, for another lovely lyric and another lovely collaboration!



You give me a vibe
I won’t be the same
I’m light and I’m giddy
Merging into lover’s lane

You challenge my heart
To rounds of adventure
I’m shy but I’m smilin’
It would be my pleasure

So, let’s go north
Warm up in the cold
Or head out west
And mine for gold
We could go anywhere
For love to take hold
See what we find cuz
Life’s too short to go slow
Life’s too short to go slow

It’s not every day
When something feels right
We’re here and we’ve got
A love story to write

So, let’s go south
Warm up on the coast
Or head far east
Make a few toasts
We can go anywhere
For love to take hold
See what we find cuz
Life’s too short to go slow
Life’s too short to go slow

A journey begins with a single step
Who knows where we’ll end up next
Let’s go, let’s go now and explore
Cuz an open door

So, let’s go now
Warm up the season
And head straight to
The moments we’re seizing
We could go anywhere
For love to take hold
See what we find cuz
Life’s too short to go slow
Life’s too short to go slow

©2019 Kristi McKeever

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I was doing a little straightening while this was playing. A nice feeling came over me...seriously. I was reminded of a particular time. It was good time. I'm glad I came across this today. Thank you.

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This is a special song! A feel good song with a great message too. Just love this collab!

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Oh! What a surprise! It's amazing to hear your and coolparadiso's different interpretation of my lyrics! Lovely guitar and happy vocal melody. Thank you, Klaus, for this sweet 'n feel-good song!

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Oh yes what a top collab

great feel good to this
I just sat back and soaked it up
loved it guys

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Yes well done. Nice to see different interpretations! Good one.

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I like the acoustic direction you have taken, very ear pleasing chord progression. Irs a dear song. I love that variation from low to high in vocals. This song is a definitie winner. Such a fine collab!

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the guitar is really pretty in the white album way. love the way you develop the melody throughout the song. you always keep things interesting and full of surprise twists....and kristi is such a perfect lyricist for your music.

Susan Cantey's picture

Your guitar is diamonds! Truly inspired lyric. Love when the melody soars in the chorus. Wonderful collab Give rose

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Man, that is a fantastic guitar--and I really like the vocal. Clearly you were inspired by some really nice lyrics. Good job, you two!

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Looking at the lyrics...The opening section shows an open-minded person of interest. I recognize the chorus and I have indeed read this song. Love the bridge...the journey begins with a single step. Yes, I like this song and I think the chorus is going to be strong on this song. Hold. Guitars...vocals now...can clearly understand the lyrics...sounds good... let's go north...up in the cold...we could too short to go slow. Stong melody. Vocals are very strong. What a great song and I thought what a perfect match for Klaus songs. I like everything about the song.