Wherever You Are

Wherever You Are

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This world can be so cruel
To send us off to far-flung places
To separate what's just come together
Two people in love forever
Yes, we can talk, but I need to hold you
To show the truth of what I told you
And I'm missing you every day
Just one word and I'm on my way

Just call me
And I'll be there
I just want to be
Wherever you are

You're in Berlin; I'm in Tokyo
When this job will end, I just don't know
And in this hotel room every night
I'm just dreaming of that homeward flight
Fog of distraction. Thoughts there not here
I just can't function without you near
And you tell me that you feel the same
But this is the world and we must play its games


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i was never a fan of 80s synth pop in the 80s, but your songs and productions are bringing tlhat style into a more sophisticated context. i have really been enjoyng your recent work

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This is a real treat to listen to! I kind of missed the whole 80s music scene as that is when I was very immersed in other aspects of life and I love living it
Through great synth pop music like this! The chorus is awesome on this with the beat, bass, and the gentle longing in the vocals. Nice change up between sections. Great writing and production!

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Booty-shakin' groove! I did a double take initially when I heard you singing because you sound like Green (Scritti Politti). The arrangement has a tinge of his style, too. This had me nodding my head while tidying up in the studio! Aces on this one.
Dance 4

When that yellow speaker cone pops up on my browser, I know I'm going to hear something I like. You haven't let me down yet. But no pressure, eh?

I'm *very* tempted to try and mash up this with Garbage's "Temptation Waits."