Bobby Took A Nosedive

Bobby Took A Nosedive

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: One take, no practice. Sorry for blowing the lyrics Jimmy...can't see bro...needed my glasses. This is only the rough draft version.

Thanks to @ustaknow for showing me the phase shift technique used on this rough draft. Also worth noting he had mentioned I don't need to worry about singing out of tune as much as I need to actually practice. I actually didn't get the practice but this is pretty much what I sound like raw. I killed the drums on this and saving my loops for a produced version. I like this phase sound and quite satisfied with my rough draft here today so here we go. Thanks for listening.


Bobby Took A Nosedive

Bobby Took A Nosedive
After racing to the refrigerator tonight
Bobby Took A Nosedive
He got himself up and walked into it twice

He felt a bottle whiz by his head
He felt the kitchen floor was wet
A bottle broke in his hand
He moved away from it to stand
He sort of got roped into this mess
It feels like a stress test
He challenged the ice
He studied the situation with his eyes


It just got so awful
He was admitted to the hospital
He's going to need a lot of stitches
He spat out that it itches
At 3:00 am he looked at his wounds
His hand didn't move
He pulled of the bandage cos it was dry
His bad attitude wasn't satisfied


There wasn't any liquor
He stepped forward taking the scissors
He untangled his fingers
From all the stitches he had
His pain was fast and bad

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your singing and guitar sounds awesome.

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Ha! Cool subject and pure comedy and a great sound too!

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Rough versions always have great moments that you can't mimic a second time. The unpracticed singing works very well in here, it made me sympathize with Bobby. And it was fun too.

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You sound good raw. Very nice though a very difficult situation kkk

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I'm not sure what to make of this, man...from the comedy point of view. I mean, this seems pretty messed up what happened with this guy. I had to read/listen a couple of times because I wasn't sure if I'd missed something. The raw delivery of Jimmy's lyrics is a welcome. I'm all for 'em!

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Oh dear! Poor Bobby! I like the country rock humorous tone you bring to this song. That chorus makes me smile and shake my head. I haven’t read your liner notes yet but am hoping this is not a true personal story for either of you!